Zimbabwe’s Air Force is set to revamp its training capabilities with the acquisition of 12 MFI-395 Super Mushshak basic trainer / light attack aircrafts from Pakistan. The deal was finalized during a visit by a high-level Zimbabwean military delegation to the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) held in Pakistan in November 2022.

It will replace the SIAI-Marchetti SF260 currently used by Zimbabwe’s Air Force in the training role. The deliveries are expected to start soon however, the total cost of acquisition and exact timeframe are not known yet.

The MFI-395 Super Mushshak is a turboprop aircraft, specifically developed for basic advanced pilot training. Its powerful 6 cylinder Lycoming IO-540 V4A5 (260 hp) piston engine, modular design, advanced glass cockpit suite options, environmental control system and dual control Elevator and Rudder trim systems make it ideal for modern training. It is a popular choice for basic pilot training due to its affordability, reliability and ease of operations.

Besides Zimbabwe, other operators of the Mushshak aircraft are:

  • Pakistan Air Force & PAC
  • Pakistan Army Aviation
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
  • Syrian Arab Air Force
  • Azerbaijani Air and Air Defence Force
  • Nigerian Air Force
  • Pakistan Army Aviation
  • Qatar Air Force
  • Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Turkish Air Force